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Bioskop Digital Bioskop Digital

Nonton Film Misterius (2015) Subtitle Indonesia

Genre: Horror
Quality: Year: View: 323 views

Sumiati began to haunt the family of Lestari Soecipto aged 55 thun, located in Situbondo first place Lestari has a garment business which apparently Sumiati is a workman but at age 21 he died, has 3 years Lestari widowed, he has 2 children who have entered the age of adolescence, Since Sumiati’s death, the Soecipto family was always haunted by a very mysterious ghost soul, until one day a shaman knew about it and began to commemorate the mother and child. In addition, the dukun said that they both actually recognize who Sumiati was but did not know about his death. What mystery is hidden behind Sumiati’s death.