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Bioskop Digital Bioskop Digital

Nonton Film Miss Mallige (2014) Subtitle Indonesia

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The film is about Mallige (Roopa Nataraj) who works as a senior executive in a company. A widow, Mallige is attracted to Surya (Ranjan Shetty). She believes him so much that she develops intimate relationships with him and also helps financially. But the entry of Madhu (Vikram) as the creative head at the company changed the song’s story. Surya, who is upset with Mallige being close to Madhu, decides to take revenge and carries a CD called Mysore Mallige with a video of him having a physical relationship with him. But Raji (shwetha), a common friend of Mallige and Surya, tells the latter that Mallige is fond and he has mistaken her. What happens next? The story ends with a tragic note.