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Bioskop Digital Bioskop Digital

Nonton Film Jagoan Instan (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Quality: Year: Duration: 88 MinView: 1,794 views

This instant hero is named Earth, he became an instant whiz because of the injection of serum in the eunuch by Om Gun, the serum can make the Earth into a super human, serum namu did not last long, if it disappeared then the Earth became ordinary humans only. He started the mission to eradicate the crime, because our country Indonesia is a lot of corruption cases Earth is very interested to help eradicate corruption crime in Indonesia, ranging from eye-catching Member of Parliament who was studying bunding abroad, saving Mbah mountain, then while carrying out his mission, On the main enemy appeared, namely Romeo which makes the Earth angry because Romeo has seized his girlfriend, Romeo is not an ordinary child, he is the only son of the Empire Round leaders of forest loggers throughout Indonesia.

Cast: , , ,
Language: Bahasa indonesia